Friday, April 9, 2010

Do you need Custom Buttons made? I make them!

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Looking into getting Custom Made Buttons made?

I make both 1" and 2.25" Pinback buttons! I use high quality button parts (Not Badge-a-Minit!) and high quality photo paper, with claria inks. Because I use great paper, and great inks, my colors are bright and sharp with a high level of detail. They are shiney, bright, and awesome! <3


1" Pinback Buttons 100 : $25 and $10 Shipping (US).
- 1" Buttons are .25 each, a min. order of 25 to 499!
- 1" Buttons are .23 each from 500 - 999 buttons.
- 1" buttons are .20 each after 1000 buttons.

2.25" Pinback Buttons 100: $40 and $10 Shipping (US)

- 2.25" Buttons are .40 each, a Min. order of 10 to 500
- 2.25" Buttons are .30 each for 500 or more!

2.25" Mirror Backed Buttons 25 : $35 and $10 Shipping (US) - Made with real glass, not foil inserts! <3

- Mirrors are $1.40 each, Min. of 10 Mirrors to 99 Mirrors
- Mirrors are $1.25 for 100 or more!

Sample Pack: $5

10 Buttons, with your designs, made up and mailed the next day from receiving payment/images. If you do end up ordering buttons after that, the Sample Packs price is applied to the order!

Feel free to mix and match sizes - there are no Min. amounts of products if you have mix orders. You do not have to 'hit' a magical number like 100 or 150 or anything. You can order 85 1" buttons and 5 2.25" buttons and 20 mirrors if thats what you want!


I will ship Priority Mail Flat Rate to all US States.
My Buttons are full color, Epson Inks and vibrant and fantastic on high quality photo paper.
There is no limit on designs or colors. However, you will either need to have access to Photoshop (or similar) program to make the button blanks from your own art/designs or I will charge you a small fee to make them myself - I prefer .PSD documents but .tiff or .png are fine!
If its not your art, dont even ask. I will smush you!

Conventions and Deadlines:

A-Kon (Dallas)(June 4th-6th) Deadline May 25th

You can order Buttons to be delivered to any convention I'm attending and pay no shipping fee!

In general, theres a 2 to 3 Day turnout to ship out buttons - and of course mailing will take 3-5 days. You MUST! leave time for this before your own convention - I will not be responsible for things not reaching you in time if you order too close to your convention/leave date!

Pre-payment in full, Paypal only, is required <3