Friday, October 10, 2008

Hairclips are now on Etsy! <3

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My new favorite product - Hairclips! They are a big favorite on Etsy, you take little 'alligator hair clips' and cover them with 3/8" ribbon and then I glue my 1" buttons on them!

They are SO CUTE!

Do you have thin hair? No problem! I purchased 'no slip grips' that I glue in if you need them - these even stay on MY hair! Really!

I'm making up a newer style than even these - Ive made flat backed buttons so they attack even cleaner, better - and each set comes with one 'up' and one 'down' so you can wear one on each side! <3

Check these out at my Etsy Store:

They are available as sets of two, and bigger sets are coming as soon as I can make enough! <3 Please let me know if you like these! =D

Wednesday, October 8, 2008

The HOORAY! Giveaway has Now Ended! <3

I pulled the names out of my magically beautiful Witchy Plush Halloween Treat Pail and realized - I had so many entries (18!) - I had to pull two more! The Winners are!

1. alliteration on etsy - Wins Panda HairClips!

2. Moussart - Wins Bast Priestess Mirror! <3

3. pneumadragonfly from Etsy - Wins the Snowy Owl Hairclips!


I'll prolly do another in December so be ready! =3 I will be contacting the winners today and getting infos and mailing out, hmm, Friday I think! ^_^

Tuesday, October 7, 2008

The Giveaway Ends tonight, And my New Sketchblog!

Hello! Dont forget my AWESOME GIVEAWAY OF HOORAY ends tonight!

Also, I have a new Sketchblog! I will update this as often as I sketch, from roughest of thumbnails to finished paintings. I love any constructive crits - so head on over there and see what I messily sketch! <3

Teaser Sketch! Go see more! <3

Saturday, October 4, 2008

New Products Testing =3

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Hello everyone! <3 Sorry for a slow week last week, I was not around much!

But I did manage to test out a new product - Glass Tile Necklaces! <3 I've tested the Square and the Rectangles, and Im just NOT sure which one I prefer!

I might end up getting a small batch of each and test them in the Etsy Waters, but I was wondering which one you preferred! Lemme know! ^_^