Monday, December 1, 2008

Happy Holidays - New Lower Prices!

Buy Handmade

Happy Holidays! <3

For the season, I've lowered all my prices - so go take a gander!

Monday, November 10, 2008

Square Glass Tile Necklaces now Available! <3

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At last, my beautiful 1" Square Glass tile necklaces are available at my Etsy Shop!

To start, I print the little 1" images on my fantastic Lustre Print paper so the colors are dark and true - and print with 8 color ink process! Archival, indeed!

I then carefully glue them to the Glass Tiles with Epoxy, and then seal them and attach them to their little Bail!

They come with a 24" Black (or Purple) Chinese Silk Cord - the perfect everyday necklace. I wear one everyday!

Don't see the one you would love to have in my Etsy shop? Just let me know! I have them all in stock, and can happily make any you wish! (It takes about 2 days to make a necklace, due to glue drying times!)

Friday, October 10, 2008

Hairclips are now on Etsy! <3

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My new favorite product - Hairclips! They are a big favorite on Etsy, you take little 'alligator hair clips' and cover them with 3/8" ribbon and then I glue my 1" buttons on them!

They are SO CUTE!

Do you have thin hair? No problem! I purchased 'no slip grips' that I glue in if you need them - these even stay on MY hair! Really!

I'm making up a newer style than even these - Ive made flat backed buttons so they attack even cleaner, better - and each set comes with one 'up' and one 'down' so you can wear one on each side! <3

Check these out at my Etsy Store:

They are available as sets of two, and bigger sets are coming as soon as I can make enough! <3 Please let me know if you like these! =D

Wednesday, October 8, 2008

The HOORAY! Giveaway has Now Ended! <3

I pulled the names out of my magically beautiful Witchy Plush Halloween Treat Pail and realized - I had so many entries (18!) - I had to pull two more! The Winners are!

1. alliteration on etsy - Wins Panda HairClips!

2. Moussart - Wins Bast Priestess Mirror! <3

3. pneumadragonfly from Etsy - Wins the Snowy Owl Hairclips!


I'll prolly do another in December so be ready! =3 I will be contacting the winners today and getting infos and mailing out, hmm, Friday I think! ^_^

Tuesday, October 7, 2008

The Giveaway Ends tonight, And my New Sketchblog!

Hello! Dont forget my AWESOME GIVEAWAY OF HOORAY ends tonight!

Also, I have a new Sketchblog! I will update this as often as I sketch, from roughest of thumbnails to finished paintings. I love any constructive crits - so head on over there and see what I messily sketch! <3

Teaser Sketch! Go see more! <3

Saturday, October 4, 2008

New Products Testing =3

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Hello everyone! <3 Sorry for a slow week last week, I was not around much!

But I did manage to test out a new product - Glass Tile Necklaces! <3 I've tested the Square and the Rectangles, and Im just NOT sure which one I prefer!

I might end up getting a small batch of each and test them in the Etsy Waters, but I was wondering which one you preferred! Lemme know! ^_^

Monday, September 29, 2008

The Hooooray Giveaway!

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I love that word, hooray. So! Everyone does Giveaways on Etsy and I LOVE THEM so I decided to do one too!

So what do you win? Weeeeeell, Ive decided that you can just PICK what you win from my shop (other than custom paintings/originals)!

To enter, go to my Etsy Shop and get ready to answer these questions - and reply here!

1) Whats your Name on Etsy, or whereever you heard of this, and how do I contact you!

2) What is your Favorite Painting of mine?

3) What is your favorite Product?

4) What is your least favorite product, and why!

5) If you could pick the next Painting I would do - what would you have me paint! <3>

Happy Monday! Blog Feature!

Welcome to the very First Feature from Starrydance! I will feature at least one Etsy Artisan, Crafter or Artist every week, but my first feature had to be one of my very Favorite STORES ---- Treatsoap!

I ordered this early last week, and I can not say how overwhelmingly happy I am with the fantastic array of Soaps I recieved! Look at them all, and feeeeeeeel the happy! Shown in the image above is The Group of Deliciousness!

Treatsoap of Etsy's: Lemony Coconut Sweet Cream Cupcake Soap, Chocolately Glorious Peacock, Acorn Soap, Celtic Green Irish Tweed Soap for Men (as if Id share), Bee My Honey Soap, and the VERY BEST Warm Pumpkin Spice Donut Soap!

Also a chat room regular, Treatsoap is always so happy, shares the love of others artwork and always has a kind and uplifting word to all of us that are working so hard on the Etsy-ness!

The Glorious Peacock - and man IS IT. The smell is just completely divine, and the little details are just beautiful! Miriam always packages things so beautifully too - ribbons, Organza Bags, and little hand written labels!

The CHOCOLATE Glorious Peacock! Its Mine, and no you cant have it. Looks, smells, and I bet it even TASTES like the real thing - not taste tested... YET! =3

Totally my favorite, this Warm Pumpkin Donut soap smells of Autumn - cinnamon and rich, a truly decadent treat for yourself - because trust me you arent gonna wanna share! =D

This is also another household WOAH, thats SOAP?! moment - this *large* beautiful cupcake has a wonderful fresh coconut lemon scent - I use it as my hand soap after painting and otherwise making a mess in my studio and feel so delicious afterwards.

Treatsoap is just fantastic person, artisan, and overall what I feel Etsy is all about! Dont miss her, folks, and remember to order spares for everyone that sees and WANTS TOO! <3

Saturday, September 27, 2008

Bookmarks Now on Etsy! <3

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Just added to my Etsy Shop, my Mini Bookmarks!

I truly think this is my favorite product - they are printed on the same paper, with the same 8 color printing process, as my amazing prints! 68lb Luster / Satin Acid Free Paper, Archival Inks, and an Acid Free Vinyl Sleeve for it to rest in - plus a beautiful chainette Tassel! <3

This Bookmark is beautiful, shiny, look as wonderful and lustrous as the original paintings - and will last as long as your books - or even longer! ^_^

They are available in my Etsy Shop: www.Starrydance.Etsy.Com individually for $3.50 each - and I even offer a 3-for-$9 Deal! I truly love these bookmarks, and hope you will too!

Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Hooray! Today I am in a Treasury on Etsy <3

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Hooray! Im on a Treasury!

*spins around happily*

One of my favorite pictures, too, after all this time too...

Monday, September 22, 2008

The Very First Monday Look at What I got! =3 Part Two!

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One of my favorite people to talk to in Etsy - Chat room is FaeriedTreasures and finally I saved up enough for one of her necklaces!

I also got lucky and was the 75th sale so I got extra presents too! They come packaged so neatly and sparkly and full of <3! I have many more pictures available over at my Flickr : Hooray for Flickr!

I have a few more to share that were trades but Blogspot is apparently tired of me adding photos, so more later I hope! ^_^

The Very First Monday Look at What I got! =3

Ive been getting so many beautiful things on Etsy I figured, it was time to start SHARING all the beautiful things! Well, ok, not sharing because they are mine - but you can look at the shiney pictures!

One of the first things on Etsy I got was this beautiful pair of Unicorn Hair clips from RachelMunoz as a pair! Arent they adorable? She packaged them so lovely too - wrapped like a little present AND a coupon! So, I had to go back and see more and then noticed she had Halloween ones! So, A Custom Order Later...

Now I have Four pairs! Hooray! Of course now I was addicted to adding things to my favorites and trying to get one or two small things a week so then I decided .... I dont have enough Necklaces (Really, I dont!) and got ....

This stunningly beautiful 22" Necklace based on "Stardust" and of course, a Unicorn too! Notice the little heart on the pendant. I get compliments on this everywhere I go, and Designs by Sabreena has so many other beautiful things too! I wear this one the most, I think, I just love it!

I was searching Ebay for supplies and saw this beauty - I of course love Moonstones best of all gems, but I needed this! Its not a very formal Pentacle but thats alrighty by me! I like to wear this one and the Unicorn, this one is very short barely goes around my neck but I love it there! Its so shiney - and they have other beautiful Pagan things at Their Ebay Store

Thats all I got the week before last - and some older than that! Im going to make TWO Monday Looky looky posts so the second is coming right up!

Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Cameo Necklaces

Cameo Necklaces
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My currently available Cameo Necklaces on Etsy!

They come with a 18' Silver Chain and are so beautiful, please check them out!

Monday, September 15, 2008

The Moooonday Report!

I had a great weekend!

Full of Etsy Sales, <3 for my Art, Magic and wonder, and the best D&D game EVER! ^_^

Im really getting excited about my chances of making all my dreams work and so heres this weeks todo list!

1) Etsy: Finish Uploading Cameos, Magnets, Stickers, Stationary, or as much of that as I Can. Slow and Steady wins the race here! I plan on spending 2 or 3 spans of 20 mins listing each day. =3

2) Daily Sketches: Hooray! <3 I have so many ideas and I want to just go for it. No more no drawing! ^_^

3) Webcomic Setup: Yup, Im going forward with it. <3

4) New Products Print Files: I have some products in the work and I need to get the files ready.

5) House Cleaning: Each Day I need to declutter/clean one area. Ive let a lot of mess stack up because "I dont have time to deal with that" and its gotta stop! Kill that clutter! Attack!

6) Keep up with my readings. I have a lot of books starting to stack up (not novels!) that need to be gone through. I love to read, so this one should be easy and fun! <3

Lets go, Monday! We can get stuff done! =D

Friday, September 12, 2008

Pocket Mirrors are On Etsy at Last!

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All my Pocket mirrors are finally up on Etsy! <3

They are 2 1/4" inches, bright and vivid and beautiful! Made with real glass, they also come with a soft and wonderful 3x4 velour drawstring bag so it can always travel with you!

Available in many designs, so please check out my Etsy Store:

New Items in my Etsy Shop!

Some new Items coming soon in my Etsy Shop!

Im working on Photographing:

+ Pocket Mirrors
+ Cameos
+ Stickers
+ Magnets
+ Stationary
+ Bookmarks

I'll get them all up on Etsy as soon I can and share them with you!

Thursday, September 11, 2008


Hello! <3

My name is Gwynn "Starrydance" Farrington and this is my Art blog! ^_^

I hope you enjoy, I have lots of art up for viewing up on my Deviant art page:

Starrydance on DA!

And all my products (Prints, Mirrors, Cameo Necklaces, Bookmarks, Buttons and more) are available at my Etsy shop:

Starrydance's Etsy Shop

Hope to see you around!

The Sea Turtle
5x7 Watercolor Painting