Monday, March 9, 2009

New Starry Arts and Products Part 3 of 3

Welcome to the final part of the New Starry Arts! <3 For today we have the Sci-fi selections!

These are all still 8x10 Watercolors and this is the final new arts for the beginning of the year! Upcoming in this week is a refreshing and relisting in my Etsy store - all these new art on products, my new and updated products, and all other Starry things! <3

The Gargoyle! <3

Why I Hate Mindflayers - otherwise known as NomNomNom. I might have to do a Nomnomnom series!

The Great and Terrible Kraken! <3

And for the final part of product talk, Im gonna talk quickly about what Ive updated and changed!

- All my Necklaces now come on nice Suede and Velvet with clasps necklaces! They are a beautiful upgrade! My Square Glass Tile Necklaces are $10, my Long Rectangle Glass Tile necklaces are $15.

- My Original Cameo necklaces will be on sale for $5! These will be discontinued, so whatevers left is all thats left! They will come on a Chinese Silk Cord for a chain!

- My Beautiful and Archival Cameo necklaces will come on Silver chains still!

- My Sticker prices have all been lowered! More mini stickers per pack! Now 25 for $3! Woooo!

I will share some pictures of products starting later in the week as I get them listed!

Friday, March 6, 2009

New Starry Arts and Products Part 2 of 3

Welcome back to Part 2 of 3 of New Art and stuff from me, Starrydance! <3

First up is my Favorite: Firebird! This was a holiday present to my mom - who loves bright oranges and reds. Its a companion piece to Firelizard - a matching pair for my parents!

And now for Firelizard! My dad loves Red Dragons above all else! <3

The White Stag! My personal favorite mythological creature (ok, tied with unicorns but still!) - this is a (very late) Winter image! <3 Or its early for ths year...

Black Unicorn! A semi-matching peice to Starry Unicorn <3

And a new series Im starting of FairyDragons - this is Luna! Or are they Dragonflies ....

The rest of the new art upcoming in part 3!

Today Ill talk about all my new upcoming new hair accessories!

All my hair accessories have a beautiful bright and shiney 1" button accent!

- More ribbon covered alligator hair clips! These are so cute! $4 for a pair, and bigger sets will be available!

- New Hair Snaps, on bright silver colored snaps! These are fantastic! Also $4 a pair!

- Ponytail Holders - these are fantastic! They will be $3 each and 2 for $5!

- I have beautiful silver bobby pins! This is my favorite of the product - you can be stylish and fancy yet still so young at heart with shiney Starry arts! As they are silver plated, they are a bit more at $7 a pair!

Pictures coming as soon as my camera stops being a pain!

Wednesday, March 4, 2009

New Starry Arts and Products Part 1 of 3

Hallo again!

Day one of Art and Product Catch up begins with the best of the best, kitties of course! All of these new arts are 8x10 watercolors and are already made up in a variety of products so if you cant live without one let me know! <3

A new Egyptian Kitty Trio!

This one is my favorite - a white and golden Kitty proudly bearing the Scarab and Fan!

The Scribe and Center of the Trio - his Latas Flower headdress and Ankh guide his words!

She might be the last but now the least - a winged headdress and box filled with treasure at her paws!

White Tiger! <3

At last - Purple Witchy Cat! Self portrait perhaps? With her star adornded hat, necklace and gem bedecked tail - and of course shes sitting ON her spell book - was there ever a cuter witchy cat? <3

More new art will be shared tomorrow!

So a bit about product! Today Ill go over some new product to get you all excited! =3

New Products!

- 2.25" Button - Pinbacks! These are big and shiney. Very awesome! They will go for $2.50 each and 3 for $6!

- 2.25" Mirrors - now available in new brighter images and ALL designs! Woohoo! They will still be $5 each with a velvet drawstring bag!

- 1" Button Magnets. These are adorable! Small, bright, and stick-to-it-ness!

- New Standard size bookmark! These will have a slightly thinner sleeve, but the good news is they will sell for $1.50 each! I will also be selling these in bundle packs of 5 for $5 and 12 for $10! Cant beat that!

- Jumbo Bookmarks! These are fantastic! They are HUGE! The same print paper, ink, and thick quality vinyl sleeve as my mini bookmark! They are also $3 each and 2 for $5 like the minis, too!

I've made some changes to some product - so we'll talk about that tomorrow when I share some pictures of the new product. I was going to do that today but my camera is having a drama fit.

See you tomorrow for part 2 of 3 of New Starry Arts and Products! Have a wonderful evening! <3

Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Im back! <3

Well, Im back and its already March! How the year flows by!

I had a wonderful time at my first show of the year - ConDFW - a Dallas area Scifi/Fantasy literary convention. I got to meet Jim Butcher and David Weber! Was fantastic!

I will be now coming back to Etsy and selling all the new and wonderful products, and new art, I created for that show!

What new art you say? Well there are THIRTEEN! new peices I will be sharing with you this week in tiny tidbits - more each day! But thats for tomorrow! *tease*!

There are many new products, and some great news! I purchased another printer so now I print and make everything in house (other than Stationary!) I also got a 2.25" button press so I make the Pocket Mirrors and now 2.25" Pinback buttons! They look WONDERFUL off of the new printer! All designs for the new pocket mirrors and buttons will be up on Etsy soon!

There are more new products, which I will also share with you this week with the new art! Stay tuned, more coming soon! <3

If you would like to keep more up to date with new art, new product, or just keep up with my silly self feel free to come follow and add me on:

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Flickr! All my new art, sketches, and product snapshots are placed here! Im, surprisingly, there!

If you watch my Twitter I will announce special sales, coupons, and other things! So its a great way to keep track of specials, daily news, and other surprises!

Tomorrow I will share some new art, and some new products! See you then!