Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Im back! <3

Well, Im back and its already March! How the year flows by!

I had a wonderful time at my first show of the year - ConDFW - a Dallas area Scifi/Fantasy literary convention. I got to meet Jim Butcher and David Weber! Was fantastic!

I will be now coming back to Etsy and selling all the new and wonderful products, and new art, I created for that show!

What new art you say? Well there are THIRTEEN! new peices I will be sharing with you this week in tiny tidbits - more each day! But thats for tomorrow! *tease*!

There are many new products, and some great news! I purchased another printer so now I print and make everything in house (other than Stationary!) I also got a 2.25" button press so I make the Pocket Mirrors and now 2.25" Pinback buttons! They look WONDERFUL off of the new printer! All designs for the new pocket mirrors and buttons will be up on Etsy soon!

There are more new products, which I will also share with you this week with the new art! Stay tuned, more coming soon! <3

If you would like to keep more up to date with new art, new product, or just keep up with my silly self feel free to come follow and add me on:

Twitter! Im http://twitter.com/Starrydance there!
- and -
Flickr! All my new art, sketches, and product snapshots are placed here! Im, surprisingly, http://flickr.com/photos/starrydance/ there!

If you watch my Twitter I will announce special sales, coupons, and other things! So its a great way to keep track of specials, daily news, and other surprises!

Tomorrow I will share some new art, and some new products! See you then!

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Jade Scarlett said...

Hi Gwynn, long time no see. Glad to have you back. Looooooove your new stuff, your art is so endearing.