Monday, March 9, 2009

New Starry Arts and Products Part 3 of 3

Welcome to the final part of the New Starry Arts! <3 For today we have the Sci-fi selections!

These are all still 8x10 Watercolors and this is the final new arts for the beginning of the year! Upcoming in this week is a refreshing and relisting in my Etsy store - all these new art on products, my new and updated products, and all other Starry things! <3

The Gargoyle! <3

Why I Hate Mindflayers - otherwise known as NomNomNom. I might have to do a Nomnomnom series!

The Great and Terrible Kraken! <3

And for the final part of product talk, Im gonna talk quickly about what Ive updated and changed!

- All my Necklaces now come on nice Suede and Velvet with clasps necklaces! They are a beautiful upgrade! My Square Glass Tile Necklaces are $10, my Long Rectangle Glass Tile necklaces are $15.

- My Original Cameo necklaces will be on sale for $5! These will be discontinued, so whatevers left is all thats left! They will come on a Chinese Silk Cord for a chain!

- My Beautiful and Archival Cameo necklaces will come on Silver chains still!

- My Sticker prices have all been lowered! More mini stickers per pack! Now 25 for $3! Woooo!

I will share some pictures of products starting later in the week as I get them listed!


Melissa said...

Hi! I hope I have the correct person, if not just ignore me! This past weekend my daughter bought a kitty badge and some pins from (who I believe is) you. However, she used her debit card and I was checking to see how much allowance she had left on her card and noticed that the $5 she charged at your booth has not been, well charged. I was wondering if you had had problems with the card? If so please email and we'll fix it. My email is

Anonymous said...

i LOVE the one noming on the pony!LOVE IT! awsome works!:D