Friday, March 6, 2009

New Starry Arts and Products Part 2 of 3

Welcome back to Part 2 of 3 of New Art and stuff from me, Starrydance! <3

First up is my Favorite: Firebird! This was a holiday present to my mom - who loves bright oranges and reds. Its a companion piece to Firelizard - a matching pair for my parents!

And now for Firelizard! My dad loves Red Dragons above all else! <3

The White Stag! My personal favorite mythological creature (ok, tied with unicorns but still!) - this is a (very late) Winter image! <3 Or its early for ths year...

Black Unicorn! A semi-matching peice to Starry Unicorn <3

And a new series Im starting of FairyDragons - this is Luna! Or are they Dragonflies ....

The rest of the new art upcoming in part 3!

Today Ill talk about all my new upcoming new hair accessories!

All my hair accessories have a beautiful bright and shiney 1" button accent!

- More ribbon covered alligator hair clips! These are so cute! $4 for a pair, and bigger sets will be available!

- New Hair Snaps, on bright silver colored snaps! These are fantastic! Also $4 a pair!

- Ponytail Holders - these are fantastic! They will be $3 each and 2 for $5!

- I have beautiful silver bobby pins! This is my favorite of the product - you can be stylish and fancy yet still so young at heart with shiney Starry arts! As they are silver plated, they are a bit more at $7 a pair!

Pictures coming as soon as my camera stops being a pain!

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Jasmijn Paauwe said...

these are really good, I also love the colors you picked