Monday, September 22, 2008

The Very First Monday Look at What I got! =3

Ive been getting so many beautiful things on Etsy I figured, it was time to start SHARING all the beautiful things! Well, ok, not sharing because they are mine - but you can look at the shiney pictures!

One of the first things on Etsy I got was this beautiful pair of Unicorn Hair clips from RachelMunoz as a pair! Arent they adorable? She packaged them so lovely too - wrapped like a little present AND a coupon! So, I had to go back and see more and then noticed she had Halloween ones! So, A Custom Order Later...

Now I have Four pairs! Hooray! Of course now I was addicted to adding things to my favorites and trying to get one or two small things a week so then I decided .... I dont have enough Necklaces (Really, I dont!) and got ....

This stunningly beautiful 22" Necklace based on "Stardust" and of course, a Unicorn too! Notice the little heart on the pendant. I get compliments on this everywhere I go, and Designs by Sabreena has so many other beautiful things too! I wear this one the most, I think, I just love it!

I was searching Ebay for supplies and saw this beauty - I of course love Moonstones best of all gems, but I needed this! Its not a very formal Pentacle but thats alrighty by me! I like to wear this one and the Unicorn, this one is very short barely goes around my neck but I love it there! Its so shiney - and they have other beautiful Pagan things at Their Ebay Store

Thats all I got the week before last - and some older than that! Im going to make TWO Monday Looky looky posts so the second is coming right up!

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