Monday, September 29, 2008

Happy Monday! Blog Feature!

Welcome to the very First Feature from Starrydance! I will feature at least one Etsy Artisan, Crafter or Artist every week, but my first feature had to be one of my very Favorite STORES ---- Treatsoap!

I ordered this early last week, and I can not say how overwhelmingly happy I am with the fantastic array of Soaps I recieved! Look at them all, and feeeeeeeel the happy! Shown in the image above is The Group of Deliciousness!

Treatsoap of Etsy's: Lemony Coconut Sweet Cream Cupcake Soap, Chocolately Glorious Peacock, Acorn Soap, Celtic Green Irish Tweed Soap for Men (as if Id share), Bee My Honey Soap, and the VERY BEST Warm Pumpkin Spice Donut Soap!

Also a chat room regular, Treatsoap is always so happy, shares the love of others artwork and always has a kind and uplifting word to all of us that are working so hard on the Etsy-ness!

The Glorious Peacock - and man IS IT. The smell is just completely divine, and the little details are just beautiful! Miriam always packages things so beautifully too - ribbons, Organza Bags, and little hand written labels!

The CHOCOLATE Glorious Peacock! Its Mine, and no you cant have it. Looks, smells, and I bet it even TASTES like the real thing - not taste tested... YET! =3

Totally my favorite, this Warm Pumpkin Donut soap smells of Autumn - cinnamon and rich, a truly decadent treat for yourself - because trust me you arent gonna wanna share! =D

This is also another household WOAH, thats SOAP?! moment - this *large* beautiful cupcake has a wonderful fresh coconut lemon scent - I use it as my hand soap after painting and otherwise making a mess in my studio and feel so delicious afterwards.

Treatsoap is just fantastic person, artisan, and overall what I feel Etsy is all about! Dont miss her, folks, and remember to order spares for everyone that sees and WANTS TOO! <3


Drea said...

"chocolatey glorious peacock"

WANT WANT WANT! I love treatsoap, she's next on my soap ordering list!

Miriam said...


I cannot thank you enough!!!

I am so glad you love the soaps.

I just sent the link to your blog to some friends and family, so they will come take a peek. :)

Thank you *so* much again and keep creating!


prettyfreshthings said...

Hey Treatsoap!!

I left a comment yesterday but I guess I did something wrong, sorry about that. Anyway you are an Etsy friend and I am so excited for you and your business. I will be giving your soap for Christmas presents, I just have to figure out which ones.
Hugs, Prettyfreshthings