Monday, September 15, 2008

The Moooonday Report!

I had a great weekend!

Full of Etsy Sales, <3 for my Art, Magic and wonder, and the best D&D game EVER! ^_^

Im really getting excited about my chances of making all my dreams work and so heres this weeks todo list!

1) Etsy: Finish Uploading Cameos, Magnets, Stickers, Stationary, or as much of that as I Can. Slow and Steady wins the race here! I plan on spending 2 or 3 spans of 20 mins listing each day. =3

2) Daily Sketches: Hooray! <3 I have so many ideas and I want to just go for it. No more no drawing! ^_^

3) Webcomic Setup: Yup, Im going forward with it. <3

4) New Products Print Files: I have some products in the work and I need to get the files ready.

5) House Cleaning: Each Day I need to declutter/clean one area. Ive let a lot of mess stack up because "I dont have time to deal with that" and its gotta stop! Kill that clutter! Attack!

6) Keep up with my readings. I have a lot of books starting to stack up (not novels!) that need to be gone through. I love to read, so this one should be easy and fun! <3

Lets go, Monday! We can get stuff done! =D

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