Saturday, October 4, 2008

New Products Testing =3

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Hello everyone! <3 Sorry for a slow week last week, I was not around much!

But I did manage to test out a new product - Glass Tile Necklaces! <3 I've tested the Square and the Rectangles, and Im just NOT sure which one I prefer!

I might end up getting a small batch of each and test them in the Etsy Waters, but I was wondering which one you preferred! Lemme know! ^_^


phletcher said...

i like the rectangle one, just because you get to see the whole picture of the animal with it. and i LOVE the panda so much! :)

-alliteration on etsy

Fairy and Fantasy Art of Lily Young said...

I like the rectangle because I can see the full painting.

Miriam said...

I really like both! I think you should try them both out on Etsy.