Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Staaaarry where have you beeeeen?

I've been very quiet lately - heres the scoop!

I went on THREE roadtrips at the end of last year. With my buddy to Faerieworlds in Oregon, with my Mom to the Northeast (New York State, Maine, Vermont, and touched Canada), and THEN with my husband to Reno, NV to see his family for Thanksiving. Ive been running around!

Other than that, Ive had such issues with my depression and not able to 'do' things that I started up with a therapist and am now on meds for depression - which was a slow road to 'adjust' to but I think Im finally on the total way UP.

In the past six months or so Ive gotten big time into getting my hands on bright sparkly eye makeup pigments from Etsy sellers. I had a few twinges of desire to 'do it myself' but didnt have enough 'go!' for it.

Well, now I DO. I ordered a kit from a well known supplier (TKB) and got to mixing. Keep reading as to see what this possibly has to do with anything!

Quickly named pigments!

* First Kiss - A soft coral pink with yellow tones.
* Candlelight - A soft yellow with a touch of pink.
* Sea Turtle - Made to match my art, Sea Turtle, a wonderful bright green with golden and yellow tones.
* Lantern Dragon - Made to match my art, Lantern Dragon - a cool teal with yellow sparks.
* Kona - Not my recipe, but a fantastic turquoise!
* Starry - Royal purple with teal and strawberry sparkles.

These are all made with Matte texture and NO glitter... so imagine when I get my hands on shimmer, glitter, and more colors! <3

Oh, see that? A topper with artwork! My plan is to start my own mineral makeup company! The current plan is to name it -

Storybook Cosmetics - with the theme of fairytales, magical creatures, spells, and scaaaary villians! <3

Each pigment will have its own drawn label (with entirely new art, although a few might have to sneak in) and I will be learning in the next month or so about how to keep it Vegan, safe and clean in the workspace and in packaging, mixing, and all other procedures, and painting labels and mixing my first line of pigments!

Stay tuned! For more pictures, swatches, and other fun check out my Flickr - http://www.flickr.com/photos/starrydance/

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